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I  design retreats for hard-working passionate women who want to reboot their mind, replenish their energy and gain new perspective on their situation in order to embody clarity, confidence and ease in life. 

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The vision for retreats

I believe deep in my heart that every person is born to live their most vibrant and fulfilling life—a life that is meaningful, joyful, and intentional. However, the path to this realization is far from a straight line. Life throws curveballs, and we find ourselves in need of constant course corrections, both minor and major, just like any significant journey.

Much like an airplane that is off course for a significant part of its travel due to various factors like weather, traffic, or turbulence, our lives often veer off track as we navigate through the complexities and influences that surround us. We look to others for direction, delve into our past for insights into the future, and grapple with the turbulence caused by societal ideas and beliefs.

To navigate these course corrections gracefully, you need to connect with what's real and untamed—the wild embrace of nature. Our intentions play a pivotal role in this journey. When we set out to establish a genuine bond with the natural world, it can be transformative during uncertain times or moments of personal crisis. It's a profound way to find grounding, center ourselves, and tap into our higher self for guidance, fostering a clear vision for the future.

Drawing from my personal experiences, I am passionately driven to share this often overlooked but incredibly potent resource with others. A life rich with nature is fundamental to resilience and overall psychological wellness. Our brains have evolved in a nature-centric environment, and our very minds function optimally when we step outside, move, and engage with a small group of like-minded individuals.

In my retreats, I facilitate a nurturing and thought-provoking space, a sanctuary where people can hit pause, reflect, and truly listen to their inner voice of wisdom and knowing. It's in this sacred space that clarity emerges, showing the way forward towards our best lives—lives lived with intention, joy, and a laser-sharp focus.

For me, it's a calling—my purpose—to guide people to the mountains, where transformation awaits. I yearn to share the beauty and the immense power that resides in these natural havens. Being a transformational guide is more than a role; it's being a spiritual sherpa, with nature as my co-guide, in this incredible journey we call life.

See sample of past retreats..  

Some musings about nature and life...

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