7 steps to finding your authentic path and creating a life you want

This coaching program embarks on a profound expedition—a journey delving into the very core of your existence, seeking the pulsating center where your true self resides. We envision every individual as the heroine of their own narrative, destined for a remarkable odyssey through life.

My purpose is to guide you along this transformative path, where you can unravel the layers of your being and embrace your authentic self. Together, we navigate the twists and turns, nurturing your potential and talents in the healthiest and most fulfilling way possible. It's about embarking on an adventure, embracing the unknown, and discovering the boundless opportunities that lie within you.

This isn't just a coaching program; it's the expedition into the depths of your soul. The unique twist is that it draws on an incredibly potent resource - our connection with nature. Our mind functions best when we are outside, moving and in a small group of like-minded people. These elements are included thought the program as practices, outdoor sessions and full day or multiday retreats. More about retreats

Let's set sail on this grand adventure, embracing each moment, and crafting a narrative that unleashes the true heroine within you.

Step 1: Secure your boat

Picture this: we're preparing your boat, making sure it's steady and safe before you set sail towards your dreams. Just like a caring friend, we look out for you, ensuring your fundamental needs for safety, connection, and self-esteem are well taken care of.

Together, we delve deep, understanding which of these needs are calling out for more attention and love in your life. We explore how we can fulfill them in a more enriching way, giving you that sense of security and stability. It's about ensuring you're anchored and steady before you unfurl your sails and venture into the vast ocean of your growth potential. Let's sail this journey with heart and assurance, so you can truly embrace all that awaits you out there.

Step 2: Accept your whole self

It's about embracing all of you, not just the shiny bits, but the messy, real parts too—the whole beautiful tapestry that makes you, you. It's this raw honesty with yourself that sparks something truly transformative. 

A major aim of this program is to help you take responsibility for your whole self in the service of growth as a whole person. With this coaching program, "Who am I? Who am I?" Is not the central question. We each contain multitudes.

We believe a better question is which potentialities within myself do I most want to spend my limited time on earth nourishing and cultivating?

Here, we're all about you being the author of your own story. It's about recognizing those parts of yourself that  can either be destructive or creative depending on how they're integrated into the rest of you being. 

Step 3: Resolve your inner conflicts

It's about recognizing those inner tussles within you, the parts of yourself that sometimes seem to have their own agenda, pulling you in different directions. We've all got this beautifully messy mix inside.

I'm here to help you unravel those tendencies, like putting yourself last, setting unrealistically high expectations for yourself, doubting your capability; trying to be nice and avoid conflict, and assuming the worst possible scenario.

It's about really understanding what's going on there and finding healthier ways to balance it all out, ensuring that your growth isn't lopsided. It's like tuning an instrument to play a harmonious melody, making sure all the notes come together in a beautiful, soul-soothing tune. Let's work on creating that symphony within you, where every instrument plays in harmony, crafting the unique music that is you.

Step 4: Own your highest self

We'll be companions on this quest, propelling you forward toward the pinnacle of who you're meant to be. It's about owning that highest self and letting it guide you through the twists and turns of your unique adventure. Each day is a new chapter, and every step forward is a victory, leading you closer to the essence of your extraordinary tale. Let's conquer this odyssey, making your highest self the North Star that guides you through the uncharted realms of your beautiful journey. 

Step 5: Trust your inner compass

You will learn to trust your own inner compass. All of us have self-actualizing tendencies that exist. I will help you to get in touch with that inner compass. And it can be very hard sometimes when you're in toxic cultures, maybe even just a toxic family or a toxic relationship.  We also have a lot of competing drives that make it really hard for us to get in touch with our real felt needs or our inner compass. You learn to trust yourself, so you can make your own decisions in a way that moves you in the direction of growth without having to constantly consult other people. 

Step 6: Savor the moment

It's imperative that you learn to  savor pure existence on your adventurous and tumultuous journey. You will learn to grant yourself permission to be, to have more mindfulness in your life, to have more flow, to have existential gratitude for the all the good and the bad. And to really realize the power of the moment of pure being, of awareness, pure self acceptance, for exploration and for consistently being in the moment when you move in the direction of your dreams.

Step 7: Embrace the journey

I help you to embrace the journey. Being fully expressed in life  is a direction, not a destination. It's nonlinear and iterative. We constantly have to check our map and calibrate our compass. I help you calibrate your compass and be comfortable shedding habits and environments that are not right for your growth, and embrace new ways of being.

I help you secure the boat, but I ultimately want you open that sail and head in the direction of your most cherished dream with a spirit of exploration, with a sense of love for the people around them, and a sense of calling or purpose.

Start your empowering journey today, traveling from unhappiness and powerlessness to a state of joy, freedom, and unstoppable resilience

My coaching is based on several core principals