Fall back in love with your life

Hi, I am Jenya! Emotional wellness coach and your life navigation guide.

I work with successful women who struggle with stress and being overwhelmed, and who desire more ease and flow in their lives. I will teach you to work skillfully with difficult emotions so you can have all your needs met and feel vibrant, energized and fulfilled.  I ultimately help you to step into your power and fall back in love with your life. 

Do you recognize yourself?

To the outside world, your life may appear enviable—a successful career, a loving family, the semblance of contentment. Yet within the depths of your being, you feel powerless, vulnerable, exhausted or lost.

You are probably familiar with one or more of these:

If these sound like you I've got good news! You are definitely not alone. I walked the same path, had the same challenges,  and created a solution - a coaching program, which is  based on my life journey, 20 years of professional training and more then 1500 client hours.

It's designed to help you grow into being ultimately alive, with a sense of clarity and direction, feeling vibrant and connected to your inner power. It's a journey toward being fulfilled. You don’t have to settle for less. 

Life can feel overwhelming, leaving you feeling lost in the chaos. But don't worry, we'll figure this out together. I believe in you, and my mission is to empower women like you to break free from limitations, rewrite their life stories, and fall back in love with their lives.

Curious? Want to know if it's right for you? Let's have a heart-to-heart chat about your  concerns, needs and aspirations.   Connect with me today!

What people say... 

"My work with Jenya has been nothing short of amazing. Jenya has far and away been the best personal coach I have had the pleasure of working with in my career. The clarity I have developed and progress I have made toward my goals in this process has far exceeded my expectations."

K., Director at Nike

"Jenya has been remarkably supportive, gentle and compassionate yet skillfully adept at helping me focus on what is really important to me, what stands in my way and what next steps I want and need to take to accomplish my goals.  It's amazing to me, looking back at the process, how someone could help me cut through the brambles to be able to visualize some key goals.  It's also amazing how making some undramatic, but substantial, additions to my life are making such a big difference in how I feel about myself and how much more satisfied I feel with the direction my life is taking"

T., Quality Assurance Engineer

"Jenya changed my outlook in our very first session in two significant ways: from skeptical about her work to believer, and from a defeatist attitude to a more confident, hopeful one. In our sessions she’s shown great adaptability, uncanny perspicacity, and the ability to act as a mirror in which to see myself more clearly. I feel like in a short span of time I turned around 180 degrees and am on the way to greater clarity and purpose."

M., Data Analyst

"We have been on a journey these last few months that definitely derailed from my original intention when starting. Jenya has been amazing in helping me navigate through it all with helpful dialogue, suggestions and resources that I have been able to apply to my life and situations. This has been a valuable and priceless experience as I will be able to continue to use these tools throughout my life and when inspiring my family and friends. This has been an experience beyond anything I imagined in helping me create the life I want."

C., Business Analyst at Stanford

"Well, it is truly worth calling a dream-like miracle! I strongly

recommend Jenya as a person who never misses the details, who is

structured and organized( she has wonderful methodology),

consistent, positive, and kind. So if you are ready to finally take

a hold of your life, then working with Jenya is sure to help you.

Enjoy your journey!"

E., Quality Assurance Engineer at Wells Fargo 

"I had an amazing 1-year journey of accelerated development with Jenya. She guided me very naturally through both personal and career questions challenging and making me reflect in key areas of my life. She also encouraged me to take action after each session and followed up. I also really valued her energy, full sense of presence with me, and the resources she shared to complement the sessions"

J., Financial Director at  American Express

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